FPL’s Open House on its Kyoto Gardens Dr. Project

Florida Power & Light (FPL) conducted an open house on Wed, February 13th at the DoubleTree hotel.  The intent of the open house was to inform citizens and interested parties about the plans for the site on Kyoto Gardens Drive.

After signing-in, attendees were individually guided to each of the information tables, where representatives described the details, to the extent they have been developed, of various elements of the future plan, among them: over-all site plan, buffer zones and preserves, environment, helipad, economic impact, and building height   The employees were eager and personable and seemed to want to hear the citizens’ concerns. 

This is a very long term project.  The site will be used for FPL only – not other NextEra Energy companies.   The headquarters for NextEra Energy Inc. will remain in Juno Beach. Even the number of employees estimated to work there isn’t finalized nor is necessarily the nature of their work.

The project will be presented at a public hearing on March 5th and then appear before the Palm Beach Gardens Planning and Zoning Board in  April, and will then appear before the City Council on its May 2nd meeting.  For project status and available charts go to the link and scroll down to the title – NEXTera PCD AMENDMENT (PETITION #: PCDA-12-02-000013)  .

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