Final 2014 Budget Hearing plus City Council Meeting on September 19th at 7pm

PBG will have what might be expected to be a fairly short City Council meeting on Thursday September 19th at 7pm at City Hall.

The primary purpose for this second meeting is the Final Public Hearing for the 2014 Budget. Also on the agenda is 2nd reading of Ordinance 13, 2013 which amends the 2013 budget for items already voted upon, and Ordinance 14, 2013 adopting modifications to the City’s Investment Policy. Neither ordinance was controversial on First Reading and both passed 5-0. The Consent Agenda consists of two items – approval of August’s City Council Meeting MInutes, and Resolution 60, 2013 “Partial Release of Three (3) Existing Easements and Acceptance of a Utility Easement from Palm Beach County to Facilitate a Northbound Right-Turn Lane on Alternate A1A onto RCA Boulevard to be Contructed by Palm Beach County”

Here are links to the short form of the agenda and the long form (which is only 75 pages long).

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