September City Council Mtg and First Budget Hearing on Tuesday 9/10 at 7pm

The first of two City Council meetings in September will be held next Tuesday, September 10th at 7pm at the city hall.  Key on the agenda is the first of two budget hearings.  The final budget hearing will be held on Thursday, September 19th at 7pm.

Besides the 2013-2014 budget, and 2nd readings on several items, there are new topics, among them:

  • City Manager Report – a presentation on the Bridge Refurbishment Program
  • Ordinance 13, 2013: The Council in June authorized golf course improvements, construction of new Fire Station #2, plus Fire-Rescue vehicles leased/purchased which have been already received.
  • Ordinance 14, 2013 would implement changes to the PBG Investment Policy
  • Ordinance 16, 2013 amends the Comprehensive Land Use plan  which will exempt all publicly owned lands from the requirement to preserve 25% of native upland plant communities.

  “A review of the Land Development Regulations for the City of Palm Beach Gardens reveals multiple references and citations for the application and implementation of the goals, objectives, and policies within the Comprehensive Plan. However, while the preserve area requirement cannot specifically be waived and/or publicly held lands are not exempt, there may be other options available that will allow compliance with the Code and still meet or exceed this standard of development. The proposed text amendment will exempt land owned by the City or other government entities from the upland preservation requirement.”

  • Ordinance 17, 2013 – which would allow rezoning to permit a Chase Bank near US1 and PGA Blvd – now defunct Wendy’s, previously Miami Subs location zoned fast-food.

The short form of the agenda can be found here and the long form here.

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