Now on to topics actually on the December City Council Agenda…

While much time was devoted to the proposed stadium in Public Comment, there were other items on the agenda at the December 5th, 2013 City Council Meeting.

Bus Shelter

Jamie Voss, assistant to the City Manager, took the Council through various alternatives on how bus shelters could be provided for key locations using various funding sources.  She presented four options ranging from $188K to $670 for 12 shelters out of a total of 163 bus stops within the city limits.  Tom Cairnes, speaking for the PGA Corridor Association, preferred one of the options with a single design used throughout.  He also talked about collaboration with Palm Beach State College for design additions and with FPL for solar lighting.  Joel Channing, also from the association but speaking for himself, said he preferred an option with multiple coordinated designs.  Both agreed that the shelters could be used for ‘branding’ the city and making it clear one has arrived at a ‘special place’.  Also speaking was Dr. Whibey – both Chair of the association and Provost for the PBG campus of Palm Beach State College.  She also spoke in support of the collaboration opportunities.

After some discussion, the council voted for Option 1 which would use AIPP (Art in Public Places) moneys for the project.  Most agreed that maximizing the number of shelters which could be built while avoiding spending taxpayer dollars is a good thing.  AIPP is funded by impact fees paid by developers.

Public Comment – other topics

Barbara Grossman spoke about a Palm Beach Post article quoting WPB Mayor Muoio on the All Aboard Florida proposed quiet zones.  Barbara said that neither the state nor All Aboard Florida have the funds to pay for the quiet zones.  So who is going to have to cover them – the taxpayers in the affected cities?

Steven Tarr (sorry if name is incorrect) suggested that the City look into either a tv station or streaming city council meetings.  Discussion veered into the city’s communications strategy, which City Manager Ferris said had been decimated by cuts over the last several years.  TV station – no – but the council did suggest that Mr. Ferris return with what could be done to stream meetings.

Ordinances 16/19, 2013

These ordinances were up for second reading after comp plan changes were approved by appropriate departments in Tallahassee.  Natalie Crowley, Director of Zoning and Planning made the presentation and reiterated that 40% of the city is already set aside for preservation; that these ordinances were not related to a specific project; that the ordinances are not retroactive and that any waivers would have to be approved by the Council.

Vito DeFrancesco, Robin Deaton, Cathy Sorkin and Bruce  Oestreich all spoke on various aspects of the ordinances – reiterating the common perception that these ordinances are being passed now due to the proposed stadium.  Additionally – the residents raised issue with proper notice given on the second reading and errors in Ordinance 19, 2013 referencing a non-existent chapter in the City’s Land Development Regulations.  While the Council did vote on Ordinance 16, 2013 – they decided to pull Ordinance 19, 2013 until January, re-notice it and vote on it (possibly both) again on January 9th, 2014.

Ordinance 20, 2013 – CVS at Military Trail and Northlake

As in first reading, Mayor Premuroso and Councilman Russo recused themselves.  After some discussion on the merits of Royal vs. Sabal palms – the ordinance passed 3:0.

40th Terrace and Sunset Drive update

A short presentation about the ongoing project showed that monthly cost for each parcel would be $267.90.  Sidewalks were not recommended because it would require ‘taking’ of land, leave too little frontage on many lots, and be too expensive.  The 2nd petition to inform and survey owners of projected costs will occur from Nov-Feb 2014 with results to be presented to the Council at the February 2014 meeting.  The Council voted 5:0 to proceed with the 2nd

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