City Council Meeting Thursday April 3rd

The next City Council Meeting will be this Thursday, April 3rd at 7pm at City Hall.

Election results and appointment of the Mayor and Vice-Mayor along with Board Appointments will be first on the agenda.  Presentations will include an All Aboard Florida update, DOT PGA Blvd and Beeline Highway, and Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) award.

Two issues of long term importance to residents that arose from last month’s meetingwill be on the agenda:

  • Ordinance 6, 2014 – will reduce the number of petitions required to introduce a citizen-initiated ballot question to 10% from 15% of registered voters voting in the last general election.  This is not technically a Charter change, but a modification to the enabling ordinance about elections.  It only requires that the Council pass it and will not be on the November ballot.  The topic arose as a result of a lawsuit served on the city by the group Palm Beach Gardens Needs Term Limits.  This item is on the Regular Agenda
  • Charter Review Committee – under Items for Council Discussion and Action, there is a chart of the history of prior committees and actions taken/not-taken as a result of their deliberations.  Those of you who have served or participated in prior charter reviews may know how members were selected.

Residents of Sunset Drive and 40th Terrace will be especially interested in Resolution 26, 2014: City Council consideration of certain infrastructure improvements for properties along Sunset Drive, 401h Terrace North and Brenna Lane pursuant to the City Neighborhood Improvement Assessment Program (NIAP) and adoption of an associated special assessment.

Tony Doris of the Palm Beach Post has written an overview of the upcoming meeting here with comments by council member Russo.

The short form of the agenda can be found here and the full agenda/long form here.

We get the government we deserve – and it’s up to us to watch what they do.  Hope to see you there.

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