City Council Meeting Thursday, March 6

Thanks to all who came to the PBG City Council Candidate Forum. If you weren’t able to make it, please read the synopsis here. And please vote on March 11!

The next City Council Meeting will be this Thursday, March 6th at 7pm at City Hall.

Consent Agenda:

At the February City Council Meeting, the Council unanimously voted to give Vice-Mayor Jablin authority to speak on the Council’s behalf at the recent MPO (Metropolitan Planning Organization) meeting, taking a position against the proposed Northlake/Beeline Flyover. Part of the discussion was to make sure that the Council’s vote was followed by a formal resolution to be voted upon at the March 5th meeting. Note that this item (Resolution 19, 2014 – OPPOSITION TO STATE ROAD 710 AND NORTH LAKE BLVD URBAN INTERCHANGE) will not be voted upon as a separate resolution but lumped in with all other items on Consent, unless it is moved to the regular agenda by a council member prior to the meeting or at the meeting. Thus – if you wish to speak for or against the Council’s position – please do so at ‘Comments From the Public’, which occurs on the agenda prior to approval of the Consent Agenda. There are several other items on the consent agenda.

Regular Agenda:

The Regular Agenda includes Second Readings of Ordinances (and an associated Resolution) already passed unanimously by the Council in its February Meeting.

New on the agenda is Resolution 14, 2014 “Approving and ratifying a collective bargaining agreement with the Police Benevolent Association for Police Officers, Sergeants, and Communications Operators employed by the City’s Police Department for Fiscal Years 2013-2016.”

The PBA has already voted in favor of ratification of the agreement. Along with other items, the agreement provides for a new Salary Plan and adjustments to starting salaries. “Additionally, all employees will receive a 2.5% increase to base salary effective October 1, 2014, and October 1, 2015. These proposed salary increases will cost a grand total of approximately $1,040,333.” Modifications to the Pension Plan were also made, consistent with the City’s strategies and goals “by maintaining the current pension plan with some pension benefit adjustments for the future, continuing to reduce the City’s unfunded pension liability”. Click on the resolution number above if you wish to read the resolution and full contract.

Items for Council Discussion and Action: 40th Terrace and Sunset Drive status update.

The short form of the agenda can be found here and the full agenda/long form here.

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