Martino: Term limits are now a part of political life in PBG

The November 4th election has come and gone. In Palm Beach Gardens the two Term Limits ballot initiatives were both big winners. As the City of Palm Beach Gardens has matured so has the mindset of its registered voters and they have embraced term limits as an asset that will improve the governing of the City.

The Gardens voters’ choice to insert Term Limits into the City Charter as another barometer for City elections affects the current long-time City Council members to some degree. It is understandable and perhaps only human nature that these Council members are undergoing a certain amount of disappointment. However, I would presume that these same Council members would understand that elections and ballot initiatives are part of the consequences of the job they accepted as candidates and officeholders.

In my opinion, the Palm Beach Gardens Term Limits initiatives were never intended to be a referendum on the current City Council Members nor a personal vendetta toward them. Unfortunately, some have made it so, including certain members of the present City Council.

For the City Council members not to facilitate the Term Limits initiative process is one thing, and possibly excusable. But haranguing and disparaging the results, as at least one City Council member has, is an insult to the residents of the City. These noisy, nonsensical, castigating remarks besmear, sully, and undermine the creditability of the City Council members individually and collectively.

The election is over and the results are in. Term limits are now a part of political life in Palm Beach Gardens. The City Council members should graciously accept that fact and move on. There are many pressing issues facing Palm Beach Gardens that need their undivided attention. They should move forward and discuss them.


2 Responses to “Martino: Term limits are now a part of political life in PBG”
  1. Pat Hughey says:

    Thanks for expressing what many residents feel. The longest serving members of the Council have grown to a time in life when there are more years behind than ahead. Hopefully, they will use their experience and knowledge to mentor those people who will present themselves for public service. I wish each of them well and say thanks for your concerns and service.

  2. One interesting aspect of term limits on the local level is that they widen the circle of those with hands-on knowledge of how local government works. This keeps government more accountable and transparent as it creates a better educated polity. President John Adams called this phenomenon the “university in rotation.” It does not help the citizenry to have all the valuable institutional knowledge guarded by a small group of perpetual politicians.

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