Next City Council Meeting on Thursday Nov 6th at 7pm

The next City Council Meeting will be this Thursday, November 6th at 7pm at City Hall.

Here are some highlights:

Consent agenda:

  • Setting January 8, 2015 as the date for the January City Council meeting
  • Purchase awards: $249K for 2 play/fitness areas in Mirasol Park Playground, $123K for long-distance telephone service for Police Dept., amendment to existing contract for mowing and landscaping services, additional $92K for repairs to bridge at Lighthouse Drive, and increasing the scope of a contract to map and inspect the City’s water drainage infrastructure and increasing the cost by $247K.

Public Hearings:

  • 2nd reading of Ordinance 16, 2014 which updated the Land Developement Regulations (LDR) text (and will once again set a record for length of the description of the Ordinance)
  • 1st reading of Ordinance 17, 2014 which would impose a temporary moratorium on the approval and/or issuance of any new licenses or permits for any uses that involve the cultivation, processing, and/or dispensing of medical marijuana within the City until October 1, 2015.   Taking this action was discussed at a prior council meeting as necessary in case Ballot Amendment 2 passes on the 11/4 election.
  • Resolution 60, 2014 is a master signage amendment to approve a tenant wall sign at the northwest corner of Northcorp Parkway and RCA Blvd.
  • Resolution 67, 2014 is a site plan amendment for Northlake Commons Shopping Center at the SE Corner of Northlake and Military Trail  I-95.
  • Resolution 68, 2014 is an amendment to the City Centre Planned Unit Development (PUD) which is located on the southwest corner of PGA Blvd and US 1.

The agenda (with links to full detail) can be found here.

See a summary of the October 23rd Growth Management Workshop, and the latest Martino Minute on the PBG Watch website.

We get the government we deserve – and it’s up to us to watch what they do.  Hope you can make it.  If you can’t make the meeting try and watch live-streaming or on-demand.

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