No to All Aboard Florida Bonds; Yes to everything else

All council members were  present.  Mr. Russo commented he may not be able to stay the entire meeting due to medical problems at home.

Council chambers were filled for the Frenchman’s Creek and Frenchman’s Reserve presentation.  Jane Feinstein and Mik Fernanandi  presented their arguments against All Aboard Florida (AAF), mentioning the lack of transparency with AAF and DOT.  Noise, vibrations, expected slower response times and possible hazardous waste issues with the expected increase in freight trips were also discussed.  They requested the council write a letter objecting to the issuing of bonds.  There are claims that peoples’ rights have been violated because many people have objected to the “bullet” train but that AFF and the DOT said “no local residents have objected.”  They mentioned that a Jupiter and PBG resident have filed lawsuit.

May 7, 2015

Ali Soule, representative for AAF, spoke for 3 minutes after that presentation in favor of AAF. Two other people spoke in favor of AFF. 5 residents voiced their opinion against AFF. It was a hot topic and the Mayor had to quiet the crowd several times. A motion was made and accepted to send a letter out against issuing the bonds.

Fl. Representative Pat Rooney gave an update on the latest legislative session noting that they ended 3 days early.  No progress was made on the budget and there is a special session scheduled to meet again 6/1/15 through 6/20/15 to discuss the budget and the expansion issues with Medicare/Medicaid.  Mr. Rooney also spoke about the 750K funding for the C17 canal.  Legislation on sober homes is also being discussed

The annual Audit report was given by Marcum LLP.  Their representative, Enrique Llerena  gave the report noting there were no deficiencies and noted that the staff did a great job providing the information.

City Manager proclaimed May 24 Sherri Pla day. The African American Golfers Association acknowledged Sherri as their 1st award recipient for her involvement in promoting golf.

The Consent Agenda was approved 5-0.

Ordinance 4, 2015  repealing and rewriting Chapter 62 (regulations that govern the use of city streets, swales, right of way and public places) was passed 5-0.

Ordinance 9, 2019 repealing and rewriting Chapter 70 (traffic and vehicles) also passed 5-0.  Note that Resolution 19 is a companion item and will require council action on the 2nd reading next month.

Ordinance 5, 2015 (2nd reading) 10 year water supply facilities work plan was passed 5-0.

Ordinance 6, 2015 (2nd reading) Mirasol club renovations passed 5-0.  The companion item Resolution 16, 2015 for additional parking also passed 5-0.

Resolution 18, 2015 to allow a 2000 sq. ft. restaurant and drive thru to be build had some 5 residents that spoke against the resolution. The Brocks changed the hours of operation after council expressed concern. The resolution passed 5-0.

Resolution 17, 2015 Appointment of regular members to the Police pension board passed 5-0 after all persons mentioned were approved by council.

Resolution 21, 2015 Eminent domain of 8511 40th Terrace North for a utility water line was combined with Resolution 22, 2015 the eminent domain to acquire a parcel of land at 8342 Sunset Drive.  Todd Engle presented a slide show on the reasons for the taking.  Carol Courtney spoke at the public comment.  She noted that there were several very old trees, one in particular that was estimated by arborist to be approximately 250 years old.  Carol stated she had spoken to the city forester and the day before and he said he was not aware of the issues with the trees.  Michelle Ball spoke about the close proximity of the cul-de-sac to her home.  Kevin Easton spoke about the problems in communication and the attempts to get all interested parties, like the city forester, fire chief, etc. to meet on site to develop a plan that works best for the neighborhood.  Kevin requested to show some slides presenting his ideas to tweak the current design to save the trees and keep the “gardens” charm that he has enjoyed since purchasing his home (1989.)  That request was denied.  Council instructed the City Engineer to work with Mr. Easton to see if his proposals could be incorporated and to try and save the trees.  The Council passed both resolutions 5-0.

The council meeting concluded at 10:30.

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