Eligibility for HUD Grants Excites Council and Staff

The August 6th, 2015 City Council meeting ran smoothly, with relatively little discussion on the several Resolutions.  Council Member Russo was not in attendance, and all Resolutions and the Consent Agenda passed 4:0, except for Resolution 37, 2015 (Police Tactical Training Facility) – which was pulled so that Council Member Tinsley could recuse herself due to her husband’s involvement with the project, thus passing 3:0.

August 6, 2015

Everyone, however, became quite enthusiastic when Resolution 28, 2015 was described.  Palm Beach Gardens population, having passed 50,000, makes the City entitled to apply for HUD Community Development Block Grants (CDBG).  The City must submit a 5-year Consolidated Strategic Plan, along with an annual Action Plan, in order to be granted about $177K/fiscal year.  The funds can be used in conjunction with the City’s existing CAST (Community Action Support Team) program.  The first year’s action plan will focus on single family home rehabilitation for low and middle income home owners – such as senior citizens on fixed incomes, with projects such as new roofs, yard cleanup, repairing substandard homes, accessibility, etc.    The funds should be available in October, after which applications will be taken.  The program is apparently very flexible, and the amount can grow as the population does.

Mayor Jablin began the meeting with a moment of silence for the recent passing of three very active County residents: James Mandell, Judy Kelleher and James Woods.

City Manager Ferris’s report included:

  • Thanks to City Clerk Snider and her staff for going digital (to paperless agendas) and saving almost $900K in that time.
  • PBG Fire Rescue obtaining 2015 Lifeline EMS Silver Level recognition Award – the second year in a row.
  • PBG Finance Department receiving the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award for the 18th year in a row
  • City Attorney Max Lohman receiving a certification in government law from the Florida Bar

Public Comment included:

  • Kevin Easton and Carol Courtney of the Sunset Drive/40th Terrace neighborhood complaining about the cutting of two 100+ year old trees to create a cul-de-sac.  Mr. Easton asked what trees will the City be planting to replace those;  developers always have to replace removed trees with other plantings.  Ms. Courtney gave a moment of silence for the trees.  Mayor Jablin said that he could not comment due to litigation between the City and Mr. Easton.
  • Mark Marciano inquired as to the possibility of the City purchasing just a portion of the Palm Beach County property in the 117th St area, to augment the City sports fields.  Dr. Marciano also invited the public to attend the next Budget Oversight Committee Meeting, of which he is chair, to be held on August 13 at 8:30am in City Council Chambers.
  • Sue Ellen Williams questions the over $2 million expenditure for the Police Tactical Training Facility.  The ensuing comments by the Council gave full support for the need for the facility.  The Palm Beach Post summarized the discussion here.

Note that there will be two meetings in September as part of the 2015/2016 Budget Hearings.


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  1. You heard the expression “If the camel once gets his nose in the tent, his body will soon follow.” Could our normally secretive bureaucracy be unaware of the Obama Administrations Disparate Impact ideology inserting itself into local governance? http://townhall.com/columnists/michaelbarone/2015/07/21/huds-disparate-impact-war-on-suburban-america-n2027961

    This lust for free loot appears to be very short sighted and not thought through given the regulatory over reach coming from DC.

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