Martino: Avenir, a Project Whose Premise is Promise

Having reviewed all publicly available documentation proposals and more recently attending the Palm Beach Gardens Planning and Zoning meetings I find the Avenir development would and should be a welcome addition to the City of Palm Beach Gardens. As a member of the City Council of Palm Beach Gardens and Mayor at the time that these 4700 acres were annexed I am satisfied that Avenir, as presently proposed, more than ratifies my vote and expectations for their development.

Avenir is a French word that means “future” and that’s what this project’s proposals speak to, the future. It’s a proposed project that has matured and improved by listening to the public’s concerns and the City planning staff’s suggestions. It’s a proposed project that attempts to, and often does, offer solutions. In my mind, it’s a proposed project whose Premise is Promise.

Avenir’s premises to relieve and divert traffic on Northlake Boulevard by offering a new collector Road from Northlake Boulevard east to the Beeline Expressway; by becoming a destination hub for the western communities through the development of commercial, office, and corporate space that will enhance opportunities for jobs, for shopping, for professional and medical life necessities fostering the curtailment of some traffic trips east and west on Northlake Boulevard; by capturing within Avenir confines a portion of its own traffic are new and welcome promises that should be enthusiastically embraced.

Avenir’s premise to preserve the environment by permanently deeding over to the properly designated governmental entity nearly half of Avenir’s 4700 acres for environmental preservation creating an opportunity to connect approximately 100,000 acres of conservation lands from the east coast of Florida to Lake Okeechobee is, to my knowledge, without precedent. Its premise to set aside 100 acres for economic development; deeding 50 of those acres directly to the City; to enter into a public-private partnership to entice a suitable corporate tenant; to reduce residential densities to under 1 unit per acre; to donate 130 acres for public use are all significant and remarkable developer promises.

In my opinion, Avenir’s Premise for Promise will allow it to take its place among the elite communities of Palm Beach Gardens and Palm Beach County. The Gardens has been fortunate to have attracted developers who not only offered great product but where committed to make the City a better place for our existing, as well as, new residents. It is my intuition that Avenir Holdings’ owners and developers offer that same promise.

I admire Avenir Holdings courage to listen and its willingness to make changes based on what it hears. I respect its tenacity to succeed. The only hurdle left is for the City of Palm Beach Gardens and Avenir Holdings to take today’s Premise of Promise project proposals and make them tomorrow’s future realities.

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