Residents Simmer over Long-standing Grievances

The February 4th Council meeting ended up taking about 2 hours although the agenda was very light, with only 1 new non-controversial resolution (7, 2016 – Mirasol flag/flag pole) and 2nd Reading on the Budget amendment (Ordinance 2, 2016) – both of which, along with the Consent Agenda, passed 4:0. Council Member Premuroso was unable to attend.

Mayor Jablin started the meeting with a moment of silence for Tory Buckley, long-time dedicated resident. Others on the Council also honored his service to the community. Charleen Szabo, Director of the West Palm Beach VA Medical Center, was presented with a check for $21K – money raised through the City’s 10th Annual Mayor’s Veterans Golf Classic. The Golf Classic has raised over $233K over the last 10 years. The PBG Police Foundation also presented Ms. Szabo with a $5K check.

February 4, 2016

Carol Westmoreland, Executive Director of the Florida League of Cities, presented awards to Mayor Jablin and Council Member Russo for their over 23 and 27 years of service, respectively on the Council. Council members Tinsley and Levy too gave kudos to Russo and Jablin, as did resident Joan Ellias.

Comments by the Public covered a range of issues, none new, but all unresolved to-date:

  • Fire Station 64 staffing – has been an issue for Abby and Matt Baker for awhile (see PB Post article here). They seek full staffing of 5 rather than current 3 fire/rescue personnel. The couple last spoke on the issue in September during the Budget hearings.
  • Shady Lakes Extension plans – continue to be a subject of resident dissatisfaction. There appears to be a significant communications breakdown, with staff insisting that the various HOA refuse to meet with staff, while the residents say that alternative proposals are rejected and that the project appears to be marching along. Speaking at the meeting were Carol Levinson, Kathy Beamer, John Frost and Vito DeFransceso. Unheard by the residents, who left after public comment, was discussion by the Council. Council Member Levy suggested that perhaps a workshop was in order to gather resident input. City Manager Ferris said that the Shady Lakes HOA refuses to set a date for a meeting and that they have hired an attorney, so that meeting with them further would not be a good idea at this point. Tinsley suggested that this be discussed while the people are here. Russo lamented the unhappy residents and potential legal action which further stifles interaction. Jablin cited Kyoto Gardens Drive as an example of how it could go smoothly. Ferris said that all the info is online, that there is a traffic study, that there is an engineering study underway, and that the City doesn’t own 117th Ct. Ferris said the City doesn’t even have a plan yet. City Attorney Lohman gave status on the Quit Claim Deed request to the School Board re: 117th Ct. and lack of response. Residents who left the meeting should replay Items XI-XIII part of the meeting video to hear the discussion.
  • 4385 Flax Court (Plat 6)Margaret Collins, Terry Pitchford and Gary Pitchford spoke regarding the longstanding, over 2 1/2 years complaint about the status of this property. This item was last discussed back in the July timeframe and the residents have seen no progress. Mr. Pitchford will be seeking court resolution for the damages incurred.
  • Central Blvd/I-95 traffic relief proposal – Don Mathis spoke on his concern that the FDOT proposals don’t relieve the traffic on PGA/Military Trail area.
  • Michael Marsh of Vero Beach, spoke on Corey Jones and Mr. Marsh’s business on body-cams and dash-cams, and legal issues re: those devices

Note to residents – there will be an FDOT workshop  on Thursday February 18th on the I-95/Central Blvd Interchange

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