Martino: Self-aggrandizement, Backslapping, Gibberish and Nothingness!

After attending the City Council meetings of Palm Beach Gardens for the last two years I have a message for the City Council members. The message is basic and simple. City Council members, honoring volunteers is fine but constantly praising yourselves is unworthy of the office. Frankly, it is wearing to listen to the City Council members telling us how great they are and how wonderful the City Staff is at the one and only monthly meeting. More substantive discussion of policy and more problem-solving with less self-praise is my suggestion. In the lexicon of Palm Beach Gardens’ city government, it appears as though, to serve has been replaced by self-serve.

Enough is enough!

Enough self-aggrandizement! I get the message. I understand that the current City Council members are the best ever; you are a fantastic group, hurrah for all of you. But wait isn’t that why you were elected. Isn’t that why you are paid $60,000 in salary and benefits?

Enough backslapping! I understand and agree that the City Staff is very competent, professional, and wonderful. But wait isn’t that what is expected of them in the performance of their job. Isn’t that why they are rewarded with top salaries and excellent benefit packages?

Enough gibberish! I recognize that the City Council members attend various community, civic, and other governmental meetings and activities. I can appreciate that. However, do we have to hear about each and every dull detail at the one and only monthly meeting?

Enough nothingness! Often the City Council agendas’ are full of nothing that solves residents’ real problems and concerns. Self- serving, ego satisfying, innocuous speeches serve nothing. One scheduled meeting per month does nothing to fully serve the informational rights of the residents. Not scheduling regular workshop meetings does nothing to serve and satisfy the rights of residents to discern how the City Council members arrive at decisions.

Self-aggrandizement, backslapping, gibberish, and nothingness are not traits to be proud of. They are not tenets of good government. They are not the way to serve a constituency, and in particular, the residents of Palm Beach Gardens.

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