Next City Council Mtg on June 2 at 7pm

The next City Council Meeting will be this Thursday, June 2nd, at 7pm in City Hall.

Presentations include 2015 Audit Report – no details provided

Consent Agenda includes:

  • Resolution 38, 2016 – Conceptually approving a ten percent (10%) local match to Project Falcon for the State’s Qualified Target Industry Tax Program – BDB requested of Palm Beach County and PBG for $80K each; for an ‘un-named’ company already in the City to retain 450 local jobs and create 200 new jobs.
  • Resolution 40, 2016 – extending an interlocal agreement between the Village of North Palm Beach, the Town of Lake Park, Palm Beach County, and the City of Palm Beach Gardens originally entered into in 1997 and expiring in Sept. 2016, for another 5 years. “The purpose of the Task Force was to evaluate and recommend plans for the improvement, enhancement, and renovation of the Northlake Boulevard Corridor“.

City Manager Report – no details listed

Public Hearings:

  • Ordinance 5, 2016 – Police Pension Amendment. This makes clarifications to existing language, policies and practices and is not anticipated to change the cost of the plan.
  • Resolution 34, 2016 – Site plan approval for the development of a 124-unit apartment community within Parcel B of the Central Gardens Planned Community Development (PCD). This development would be adjacent to the 140-bed Assisted Living Facility approved by the Council on Feb 5, 2015.
  • Resolution 36, 2016 – Site Plan approval “on behalf of the Cathedral of St. Ignatius Loyola, for a Site Plan Amendment approval to demolish the existing Parish Center and Parish Office buildings, construct a new 21694-square-foot two- (2) story Parish Center building, expand the existing Pastoral Center by 396 square feet, and provide architectural and landscape modifications.”

Items for Council Action/Discussion:

  • Infrastructure Surtax Discussion (ed. note: since the Council last discussed the topic and decided not to approve, the County Commission and School Board have approved a modification to the original proposal, removing monies for economic expansion or cultural council. So the tax revenue would be shared according to statute with 50% to School Board, 30% to County and 20% to municipalities. The County once again is seeking approvals from cities representing 50% plus 1 of the total municipal populations)

Check the agenda to see if any additional items have been added before the meeting here.

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