First 2016/2017 Budget Hearing and City Council Mtg on Thursday 9/8

The next City Council Meeting will be this Thursday, September 8th at 7pm. This is also the first of two public hearings on the proposed budget for 2016/2017.

Consent Agenda – includes 5 Purchase Awards. 4 were openly/competitively bid and the 5th is for an independent contractor agreement with a popular tennis professional already on-board with the City.

City Manager Report – no details listed

Public Hearings and Resolutions:

  • Ordinance 1, 2016 is a total re-write of the City’s Impact Fees. (While these are fees that developers pay, those are typically passed on to buyers.) See the proposed document here
  • Ordinance 7, 2016 is the proposed Budget.
    • “On July 7, 2016, City Council approved Resolution 37, 2016, adopting a proposed maximum millage rate for the City of Palm Beach Gardens for Fiscal Year 2016/2017. The proposed maximum operating millage rate was set at 5.55 and the maximum debt service rate was set at .1281, for a total maximum millage rate of 5.6781, down from the current year total rate of 5.6871. The proposed maximum operating millage rate of 5.55 is 5.99% above the roll-back rate of 5.2361. Millage rates can be lowered at the budget hearings, but they cannot be increased. The first public hearing on the proposed budget will be held on September 8, 2016, at 7:00 pm in the City Council Chambers located at City Hall. The second public hearing on the proposed budget will be held on September 22, 2016, at 7:00 pm in the City Council Chambers.”
    • The Budget Oversight Committee concurs.
    • The Proposed Budget website page has both the Proposed Budget and the Oversight Committee Report.
    • (Note: Perhaps I missed it in both documents but I found no reference to the upcoming Sales Tax Referendum and the wind-fall it would represent to the City, should it pass…)
  • Ordinance 9, 2016 amends the Firefighters Pension Plan to allow the Fire Chief to elect to not-participate in the plan.

Check the agenda to see if any additional items have been added before the meeting here.

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