Next City Council Meeting on Wednesday, November 16 at 7pm

The next City Council Meeting will be this Wednesday, November 16, at 7pm in City Hall. There are quite a few items on the agenda.

Consent Agenda includes:

  • Purchase award for remainder of contract Mowing and Landscaping services awarded in 2015 – ” Seacrest Services, the vendor awarded under Group A – Common Areas and Parks, and Group B – Medians, is ending its relationship with the City, effective October 15, 2016. The responsive and responsible vendor with the next lowest pricing is Batallan Enterprises, Inc. dba Property Works. This Agreement will assign the Groups previously awarded to Seacrest Services to Property Works. The City will issue a Purchase Order to Property Works to cover the interim period from October 15 through November 15 to maintain continuity of services
  • Purchase award for local Courier Services – 5 year contract for $109K renewable for another 5 years – openly competed
  • Purchase award for Playground Equipment for Ironwood Park – piggyback for $107K
  • Purchase award for Dell Computer Equipment and Accessories – piggyback for $75K

City Manager Report – no details listed

Public Hearings and Resolutions:

  • Ordinance 8, 2016 – First reading – City-initiated Evaluation and Appraisal Review (EAR-based) Comprehensive Plan Amendments – “EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Florida Statutes, specifically Section 163.3191 , requires the City to evaluate and appraise its Comprehensive Plan every seven (7) years and amend it accordingly through Evaluation and Appraisal Review (EAR)-based amendments. Staff has completed the evaluation for the City-initiated amendment to the Comprehensive Plan and Map Series. The amendments are for all elements of the Comprehensive Plan, including: Future Land Use, Transportation, Housing, Infrastructure, Coastal Management, Conservation, Recreation and Open Space, Intergovernmental Coordination, Capital Improvements, Public Safety, Public School Facilities, Procedures for Accomplishing Monitoring and Evaluation Requirements, and Economic Development; and updated Comprehensive Plan Map Series.
  • Second Reading and Adoption Ordinances 10, 2016 (Balsamo annexation); 11, 2016 (Brookdale/Prosperity Oaks) and associated resolutions
  • Balsamo:
    • Ordinance 12, 2016 – Balsamo Large-Scale Comprehensive Plan Map Amendment – “.. to change the Future Land Use designation of a 96.80-acre parcel from Palm Beach County Rural Residential 1 unit/10 acres (RR-10) to Palm Beach Gardens Residential Low (RL), capping gross density of the property at 97 single-family units
    • Ordinance 13, 2016 and associated Resolution 76, 2016 – First Reading and Public Hearing: A request from Salvatore J. Balsamo Trust requesting to rezone a 96.80-acre parcel from Palm Beach County Agricultural Residential(AR) to Palm Beach Gardens Residential Low (RL-2) with a Planned Unit Development Overlay District (PUD)…
  • Ordinance 15, 2016 -Amending Chapter 70. Traffic and Vehicles. at Article Ill. Parking, Standing, and Stopping. at Section 70-62…A need exists to amend and clarify the regulations that govern the use of motor vehicles and the enforcement of parking restrictions in regard to the parking of motor vehicles in swales and off-street parking within the City
  • Resolution 72, 2016 – for approval of a Planned Unit Development (PUD) Amendment and Major Conditional Use at the Turtle Beach PUD for a two- (2) story, 9,000-square-foot building with bank and professional office uses and a drive-through ATM. The Turtle Beach PUD is generally located 550 feet west of the intersection at Military Trail on the south side of PGA Boulevard (note: adjacent Sun-Trust Bank)
  • Resolution 73, 2016 – to approve proposed artwork for the AIPP requirement for PGA National Commerce Park for Buildings 2 and 3 on Lots 7 and 8, located on Hiatt Drive, north of Northlake Boulevard and west of the Florida Turnpike.
  • Alton: 
    • Resolution 74, 2016 – A request for an amendment to the Alton Planned Community Development (PCD) to allow for the conversion of 715 multifamily and 350 apartment units, and 50,000 square feet of neighborhood commercial use to an additional 418 single-family units, 32,000 square feet of Industrial/Research and Development/Biotech use and a 256-bed Assisted Living Facility; provide an 8.44-acre public park on the PCD Master Plan; and modify certain PCD buffers, upland preserve areas, lakes, a roadway cross section, neighborhood district boundaries; revise Condition of Approval Number 3 of Resolution 1, 2010 to allow the provision of the public park; and provide a waiver for a 16-foot-tall perimeter sound wall.
    • Resolution 75, 2016 – A request for a Site Plan and Major Conditional Use approval for a 256-bed Assisted Living Facility on a 6.57-acre site located within Parcel B of the Alton Planned Community Development (PCD)
  • Resolution 77, 2016 – Approving the appointment of regular members to the Police Officers’ Pension Fund Board of Trustees.

Check the agenda to see if any additional items have been added before the meeting here.

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