“Artistry”, Art, Live Theater and $30 Million Bond Awarded to PNC Bank

This month’s agenda was long and so was the City Council Meeting – however all was completed within about 3 hours and all items were passed 5:0 except for the Second Reading of Ordinance 3, 2017 which passed 3:2, as it did on First Reading.  Mayor Tinsley and Council Member Premuroso both voted against, citing that their concerns and comments were unchanged from last month.  A brief summary follows of key discussion items.

February 9, 2017


City Attorney Lohman gave an overview of a draft ordinance on how to deal with reasonable accomodation for disabilities. While applicable to Sober Homes, the ordinance would apply to all and would entail a set of procedures, annual recertification and associated regulatory costs. The State Legislature is also proposing bills as part of their Sober Homes Task Force. See Sarah Peters’ article: How a new rule could help gardens keep tabs on sober homes. 

Items of Resident Interest:   Council Member Marino (and the rest of the Council) was pleased that in his annual presentation to the PGA Corridor Association, Dr. Hank Fishkind praised and supported the Council’s decision to go for a $30 million bond at this time, citing low interest rates.

City Manager Report:   City Manager Ferris summarized two golf-related events and then gave examples of Code Compliance success stories, and in the case of those unable to afford to bring their properties up to compliance, the coordination of volunteers to help achieve it.

Ordinances and Resolutions:

  • Resolution 14, 2017 awarded the issuance of the $30 million bond to PNC Bank National Association. Their proposal was the most competitive of those submitted. Finance Administrator Allan Owens also reiterated Dr. Fishkind’s endorsement of bonding the sales tax revenue. The 3 year spending requirement was summarized once again.  Municipal Bonds are tax exempt and any funds remaining at the end of the 3 years can’t be invested at higher yields than gotten from the bonds.  Resident Kathryn Gettinger asked about the specificity of the list of projects and what happens if the County land can’t be purchased. Mayor Tinsley confirmed that the list of projects identified last month were the projects to which the money would be allocated and that progress was being made on the County’s land. Mr. Owens, in replying to a similar question also said the list was solidified but the specific costs for each project could and would be adjusted as actual costs came in.  salestaxprojects
  • Ordinance 10, 2017 placed the proceeds of the bond into a single capital improvement fund to be applied to the projects codified last month, with the addition of the Tennis Center.
  • The most major modification in Ordinance 7, 2017 fixing the ‘glitch’ list on the Land Use Regulations, last updated in 2013, was a new section on Valet Parking. There was discussion among the council members on how quickly to implement and enforce the new regulations. Most felt that the proposed date of October, 2017 would allow the affected centers and businesses to be informed, apply and conform to the changes.
  • First reading of Ordinance 9, 2017 repealed the original plans for the project from 2001 for the Intersection of PGA and Alternate A1A and introduced the new plans for 2 Eleven Story professional office buildings with a 3 story parking garage in between. The Council praised the artistic nature of the buildings and the picture here shows the view of the buildings from the PGA Flyover.  gdnscorpctr
  • Speaking of art – Resolution 17, 2017 now permits the PGA Multiplex Cinema to have live entertainment. While no new dining options are planned, other than the usual movie theater concession choices, the owner does plan to come forward in the future to seek wine and beer licensing. Two of the six theaters will be used for live entertainment performances (such as musicals, comedians and small plays) with matinee and evening shows.
  • Art (in Public Places) was also discussed in Resolution 19, 2017 which approved the latest Artistic Sculpture by Mark aippethaneFuller to be placed on Donald Ross parkway buffer adjacent to Alton PCD. The only modification made to the Ordinance was to have the sculpture lit from dusk to dawn. The stainless steel sculpture is of an Ethane Molecule.
  • Resolution 18, 2017 approved “Artistry”, which is the new 469 Single Family home community as part of the Alton PCD. Homes will range from $750K-$1.5 Million on the Parcel G site west of I-95.

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