Next City Council Meeting on May 4th at 7PM

The next City Council Meeting will be on Thursday May 4th at 7pm in City Hall.


  •     Palm Beach North Brand Initiative
  •     1st Place Award for Palm Beach Gardens Police Explorers
  •     District at the Gardens (?)

Consent Agenda includes:

  • Resolution 35, 2017 – setting the July City Council Meeting to 7/13 as to not conflict with the 4th of July holiday
  • Purchase Award for Annual Asphalt Milling and Resurfacing – openly competed Piggyback/Access contract (City of Wellington), not to exceed $500K to resurface City streets and locations

City Manager Report  – no details listed

Public Hearings and Resolutions:

  • Ordinance 11, 2017 – Amending Chapter 78 Land Use Regulations to provide a definition and details for new use Specialty Pet Boarding which must take place within enclosed building with no outdoor activities.
  • Ordinance 13, 2017 – 2nd reading and adoption of Crime Prevention through Environmental Design approved at last month’s meeting.
  • Ordinance 14, 2017 – 1st reading Amending Procedures for filling Board and Committee vacancies, absentee policy and eliminating council liaisons to board and committees.  (Editorial Questions – 1) did the council request eliminating the liaisons?  2) doesn’t this increase the influence of staff?)
  • Resolution 31, 2017 – Alton PCD Parcels D, E, F – approving site plans for 316 single dwelling units and 199 town homes.
  • Resolution 33, 2017 – Appointments to the PBG Police Officers Pension Board
  • Resolution 34, 2017 – Appointments to the Budget Oversight Committee
  • Resolution 38, 2017 – North County District Park – approving the conceptual Master Plan and giving the City Manager authority to negotiate with Palm Beach County, within the limits of the Sales Tax Surcharge ‘appropriations’.

Council Discussion:  Appointments to Boards and Committees and Forum Club Membership.

Check the agenda to see if any additional items have been added before the meeting here.

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