Next City Council Mtg on Thursday February 1st

The next City Council Meeting will be on Thursday, February 1st at 7pm. 

  • OVERVIEW OF THE FLEET LEASING PROGRAM (related to purchase award on Consent Agenda)
Consent Agenda: 
  • Resolution 7, 2018 – “Project Knight” (the world’s largest provider of building technologies) is requesting from the State’s QTI Program economic incentives in the amount of $560,000 with a local required contribution of $140,000, which is 20 percent of the total amount. The company is requesting $70,000 from the City and $70,000 from Palm Beach County.  (Not too difficult to guess which company this might be…)
  • Resolution 8, 2018 – Approving the plat for Trevi Isle Planned Unit Development (PUD); the site plan was previously approved on March 2, 2017
  • Resolution 9, 2018 –  Approve a resolution supporting the Florida League of Cities Municipal Home Rule and confirming the City’s commitment to the principals of Municipal Home Rule. The Florida League of Cities resolution title reads “A RESOLUTION OF THE FLORIDA LEAGUE OF CITIES, INC .• URGING THE 2017-18 CONSTITUTION REVISION COMMISSION TO STRENGTHEN MUNICIPAL HOME RULE AUTHORITY AND FURTHER RESTRICT UNFUNDED STATE MANDATES. 
  • Purchase Award – Long distance telephone service for the Police Department – 3 year contract valued at $119K
  • Purchase Award – Transportation Services – Openly bid contract for Recreation Department for as-needed transportation of Summer Camp and other recreational attendees and participants. 5 Year contract, not renewable – for $183.5K
  • Purchase Award – Piggyback/Access contract for Purchase of Generators for City Hall, PD, RYEC, and Sandhill Crane Golf Club for $482K.  (note – looks like this is being approved on Consent in advance of approving Ordinance 1, 2018 later in the agenda – which funds the purchase from the Budget Stabilization Reserve Account).
  • Purchase Award – Fleet Leasing Program – 5 year Piggyback/Access Contract – Administration – not to exceed $3 million “This program will result in the complete change-out of all current fleet vehicles, including police vehicles and public services vehicles, in five years. The City expects to enjoy savings from repairs, acquisition costs, running costs, etc., over the five-year-period. At the end of that period, the City will decide whether to continue with the program or return to its traditional method of purchasing vehicles. The program includes guaranteed sale prices for the used vehicles at the end of each cycle.”

City Manager Report  – no details listed

Public Hearings and Resolutions: 
  • Ordinance 1, 2018 – 2nd Reading and Adoption – An amendment to the Fiscal Year 2017/18 budget to adjust fund balance carryovers to actual amounts; re-appropriate amounts committed from the FY 2016/2017 budget for outstanding purchase orders and open projects.  This also includes transferring $1.8 Million from the Budget Stablization Account for 1. Tennis Center Clubhouse ($1.3 Million) 2. Police Department and City Hall Generators ($425K) 3. Golf Clubhouse Generator ($124K)
  • Ordinance 3, 2018 – 2nd Reading and Adoption – update the 5-Year Schedule of Capital Improvements (Table 9A) and Summary of Capital Improvements Program for Palm Beach County School Board (Table 98) of the Capital Improvements Element (CIE) of the City’s Comprehensive Plan. 
  • Ordinance 4, 2018 – First reading – An amendment to the City of Palm Beach Gardens Police Officers’ Retirement Trust Fund. Recent changes to Section 185.35(6), Florida Statutes, require that a share plan be established as part of the Palm Beach Gardens Police Officers’ Retirement Trust Fund (“Fund”) to be funded solely and entirely by Chapter 185 premium tax revenues.
  • Ordinance 5, 2018 – First reading – A request from A1A Cabana Partners, LLC., for a Voluntary Annexation of a 0.85-acre parcel located on the southeast corner of the intersection of Alternate A 1A and Florida Boulevard approximately 0.5 miles south of Hood Road. The subject site is within unincorporated Palm Beach County and consists of an existing gas station and a dry-cleaning business. 

Check the agenda to see if any additional items have been added before the meeting here.


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