Community Healing, Roads and Avenir Progress

Note: Not listed on the City’s calendar but of public interest – Vice Mayor Jablin will conduct a ceremony lighting the Menorah for Hanukkah on Wednesday,December 28 at 6pm by the tree at Burns Rd Community Center – all are welcome. The last City Council meeting of the year was relatively short but covered a range of topics. Candice Temple, Media Relations Manager, gave a synopsis of November 19th’s Unity Day (Palm Beach Gardens... [Read More...]

Changes to Alton and New Development for the City

Note – The December City Council Meeting will be held on Thursday December 1 at 7pm There were quite a few items on the November 16, 2016 City Council Meeting – All Ordinances and Resolutions passed 5:0 with the exception of  Playground Equipment for Ironwood Park (pulled from Consent and discussed) – 4:1 ( Council Member Premuroso opposed) and  Resolution 77, 2016 – Appointment to Police Officers Pension Board (Council Member... [Read More...]

Sober Homes Presentation Fills the Council Chambers

NOTE: There will be a second November City Council Meeting on Wednesday, November 16th. The Council Chambers were packed at the Nov 3rd City Council meeting with citizens from primarily the Plat 1 area of Palm Beach Gardens impacted by Sober Homes in their community. City Attorney Max Lohman presented a review of the current definitions, statutes/laws and limitations on local community actions with respect to Sober Homes. His presentation can be viewed... [Read More...]

Update: Second Budget Hearing on 9/22 Increased Ad-Valorem Revenue 8.3% and Changed Impact Fees

Update – All Items in the 2nd Hearing and City Council Meeting on 9/22 passed 5:0.  Public Comment on a non-agenda item was made by Mary Ott regarding the City’s towing contract and her filed protest. September 22, 2016 Mayor Tinsley remarked that City Attorney Lohman will be responding to the protest, following protocol. The first of two 2016/2017 Budget Hearings was held on 9/8. Most in the audience, however, were there for the presentations... [Read More...]

Carl Woods Takes His Seat on the City Council

The ‘new’ Council was finally complete, 5 months after the Municipal Elections. Council Member Woods, while sworn in a couple of weeks ago, formally took the Oath of Office at the beginning of the meeting and made a short, heartfelt and humorous statement. EMS Division Chief James Ippolito described, and others spoke about the City, first in Palm Beach County, receiving the American Heart Association 2016 Mission Lifeline EMS Gold Award.... [Read More...]

Subdued Council Passes All Items 4:0 and Showers City Manager Ferris with Praise

Much of the discussion during the July Council Meeting centered on subjects not originally on the agenda. All Ordinances and Resolutions passed 4:0 with the result that: Property tax revenue will increase by 6% if millage is not lowered during the September Budget hearings. Maximum millage is set during July meetings throughout the state. The only usual proponent of lowering millage on the Council, Council Member Premuroso, stated that he saw no... [Read More...]

Fire Station 4 to be ‘Fully’ Staffed due to Upcoming Hood Rd Closure

The June 2nd City Council Meeting, with four council members present (Ms. Marino absent), began with recognition of Sherri Pla as PGA Southeast Chapter Youth Golf Development Professional of the year. Next was to be the 2015 Audit Report – but the presenter was delayed and so City Manager Ferris was asked to give his report. Of impact to City residents: Hood Road at the Turnpike will be closed very soon for a period of 60-120 days, in order... [Read More...]

Progress on 117th Ct, Quiet Zones and Avenir Approval with Undercurrent of Distrust on Other Issues

The Council Meeting was kicked off by a 7 year old ‘Mayor for the Day’ who led the Council in the Pledge of Allegiance. Presentations: All Aboard Florida Quiet Zones – City Engineer Todd Engle said that the City has 6 crossings, and the majority of the improvements will be to install more exit gates. The Council was pleased with the progress, especially after many years of seeking quiet zones for the FEC trains through the City. 117th... [Read More...]

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