Martino: Levy and Council Outfox Themselves

Why does it take the Circuit Court and the District Court of Appeals to read and understand the City Charter of Palm Beach Gardens? Is the answer because the City Council of Palm Beach Gardens, its records’ keeper the appointed City Clerk, and its legal adviser the appointed City Attorney – CANNOT! No, I’m sure they all can read and understand the Charter language. But do they want to is the significant question? As written does the Charter... [Read More...]

Martino: The Charter is Clear! Why Appeal?

I have a question for anyone who lives in Palm Beach Gardens, and above all, our esteemed City Council. The question is, “Wouldn’t it be nice if the City Council could get acquainted with the City Charter, particularly, its words and their meaning?” Well, in my opinion, apparently with all their “experience” the current Council members have yet to master many of the words and much of the meaning of the City Charter. Case in point is the... [Read More...]

Martino: Council Too Often Abuses Constituents’ Sacred Trust

The lack of sensibility and sensitivity to RESIDENTS concerns demonstrated at various Palm Beach Gardens City Council meetings that I have attended in the last two years is both disappointing and disconcerting. The stifling of any and all reasonable conversations about substantive issues raised rightfully by anxious RESIDENTS is forcing the abandonment of trust in the current City Council. But I am not surprised. In my opinion the building blocks... [Read More...]

Martino: The Silence from City Hall is Deafening!

What is that sound coming from the City Hall in Palm Beach Gardens? Can you hear it? No, you can’t! Me neither! It’s the sound of silence emanating from the City Council regarding the runoff election for the Group 4 City Council seat that the City Charter mandates must be held on March 29, 2016? The silence from City Hall is deafening. Did the Mayor and City Council adopt another forbearance agreement; this time against speech? If you haven’t... [Read More...]

Martino: Run-off Election Warranted for Group 4!

Primary Election Day, March 15, 2016, with its winners and losers has come and gone. But in Palm Beach County “gone” is never a certainty in our peculiarly run elections. This time the black cloud of uncertainty is stationary over Palm Beach Gardens. The hullabaloo is two-fold. First, Takeata King in Group 2 and Kevin Easton in Group 4 withdrew their respective candidacies prior to March 15th but not in time to have their names removed from the... [Read More...]

Martino: Self-aggrandizement, Backslapping, Gibberish and Nothingness!

After attending the City Council meetings of Palm Beach Gardens for the last two years I have a message for the City Council members. The message is basic and simple. City Council members, honoring volunteers is fine but constantly praising yourselves is unworthy of the office. Frankly, it is wearing to listen to the City Council members telling us how great they are and how wonderful the City Staff is at the one and only monthly meeting. More substantive... [Read More...]

Martino: Flagrant Disregard for the Rights to Open Government

On February 12th the Palm Beach Post published a letter from a former Palm Beach Gardens resident, Mr. Gary Alexander, who now lives in Ibis Golf & Country Club in West Palm Beach. From my perspective his letter struck at the heart of what is wrong with the government that the City Council of Palm Beach Gardens is perpetrating on the Gardens residents. That wrong is a flagrant disregard for the rights of the public to open government. Mr. Alexander... [Read More...]

Martino: Lack of Transparency Thwarts the Intent of the Sunshine Law

It’s a new year, 2016, but it’s the same old business as usual concerning the City Council of Palm Beach Gardens. The Palm Beach Post delivered new, and heretofore, unknown information concerning the “baseball stadium fiasco” of 2013 and 2014 further delineating unknown facts about the City’s deep rooted secretive involvement, such as, the City Manager gallivanting around the USA and Canada promoting a Gardens site for a $100,000,000 baseball... [Read More...]

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