Public Comment dominates an otherwise short Final 2014 Budget Hearing

The Final Budget Hearing on September 19th went smoothly, as expected. So too did the 2nd readings on the 2013 budget update, and the changes to the Investment Policy.

More interesting were the topics brought up during Public Comment.

Polly Taormina  from Sun Terrace at the Oaks, spoke about the subdivision’s reroofing project which she believes is being done improperly and not in accordance with the Master File. City Administrator Ferris directed several managers from the City to meet with Ms. Taormina immediately after her comments.

Barbara Grossman spoke about 7/50 and Agenda 21 – wanting the Council to have a workshop or discuss this regional planning concept, stating that the public isn’t knowledgeable about what’s going on in the county.

Vito DeFrancesco picked up where he left off at the prior agenda meeting – stating his concerns about the proposed Stadium and Ordinance 16, 2013. He’d read in a Houston paper, that Palm Beach Gardens is very close to a done deal on the Stadium – yet there is nothing in the upcoming document on PBG accomplishments in 2013 about the Stadium. He felt that the City would be the developer and as such, would have a conflict of interest in deciding the Ordinance. He wants to see everything that has done to date on the Stadium and has received nothing to date from his records request. Vito felt but couldn’t prove there were Sunshine violations and that City money has been spent on exploring the stadium, despite assurances that there would be no impact to residents. Councilman Russo took strong issue with any claims violations of Sunshine law, stating that he has seen no plans. He also took issue with the Council being classified as developers. He said it was no different than exploring any park and that looking into this IS THEIR JOB. There is nothing to tell the public yet because there is nothing to say yet.

City Watchers – continue to monitor what is said about the Stadium and Ordinance 16, 2013 when it goes back on the agenda at the October 3rd City Council Meeting. See  a summary of the discussion on the ordinance at the September 10th meeting.


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