New Auditing Firm and Gas Station Signage Alternative highlight a short meeting

Reminder: SAVE THE DATE – October 23rd at 6pm at City Hall – COUNCIL/PLANNING AND ZONING WORKSHOP TO DISCUSS DENSITY POLICY AND APPROACH. No public comment will be allowed at this workshop.

October 2, 2014

Early in the meeting, Purchasing and Contracts Director Km! Ra introduced the new External Auditing firm – Marcum LLC and their Audit Engagement Manager, Michael Futterman, gave a brief presentation describing the firm and its staff and services. Mayor Premuroso commented that it is good to change firms every so often (eg 5 years) to have a fresh look at the City’s books.

City Manager Ferris gave an update on field closures due to the extraordinarily rainy September and outlined a preliminary schedule to address field drainage improvements over the next several months.

During Comments from the Public – Carolyn Chaplik described dangerous conditions arising from a new stoplight put in by the County on Hood Rd between Alt A1A and Military Trail for the Publix shopping center. Council member Tinsley agreed and the council was unanimous in agreeing that the County needs to be contacted since the light doesn’t meet the County’s criteria. Another resident, Douglas Grant, spoke of noise issues in his neighborhood and the impression he had that by contacting Code Enforcement to complain, code issues were found with his property while the issue(s) of his complaint remained unaddressed. He cited a previous similar experience several years ago. The final comments were made by Jean Whibey, thanking the council for honoring her and for the City’s support for Palm Beach State College. Ms. Whibey is Provost of PBSC and also President of the PGA Corridor Association.

All Ordinances and Resolutions were passed unanimously.

Natalie Crowley, Director of Planning and Zoning, described her meeting with Gardens’ gas station owners regarding the County’s ordinance requiring signage that owners and the City believe will be too confusing and too expensive to implement. She presented contrasting mockups of what the County would require versus the alternative and all were in agreement that the alternative was the way to go. The next step will be for the City to pass an ordinance sometime early in 2015 with it’s own signage requirements which will supercede the County’s.

Finally – Ms. Tinsley moved that the Council tell the County that they disagree with any proposal to move the County to the South Florida Regional Planning Council from its current membership in Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council. A letter will be sent by the Mayor to the County Commission before next Tuesday’s (10/7) workshop on the subject. The move, in part, is being considered as a cost savings issue however none on the City Council felt that Palm Beach County should be emulating or strive to become another Miami/Dade or Broward County and that our issues more closely match the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council. The item is Agenda Item 4A1 on the BCC Agenda on Tuesday and the details can be found here.

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