Next City Council Mtg on Thursday February 5th at 7PM

The next City Council Meeting will be this Thursday, February 5th at 7pm at City Hall.

The Consent Agenda includes:

  • Lease/purchase of a Medium Duty Ambulance for $319K as a Reserve Rescue Unit replacement for Fire Rescue
  • Lease/purchase of a 100′ Aerial platform Truck for $1 Million. “The Fire Rescue Department currently maintains an aerial platform truck for emergency response purposes and as backup for the frontline vehicles. The aerial platform truck is the only 100-foot aerial in the Fire Rescue fleet.”
  • Approving the plat for Cimarron Cove Planned Community Development (PCD) – this was last discussed by the Council on 9/3/14 approving the site plan.
  • Changing the dates for the July and August City Council meetings due to adjustments around July 4th – (so save the dates Wednesday July 1st and Thursday August 6th)

The Regular Agenda includes:

  • Ordinance 1, 2015 is intended to amend sign code to regulate human signage.  You’ve seen various businesses with sign wavers and spinners.  The PB Post covered this proposal, initiated by the City based on the premise that “Human Signs”, if not properly regulated as to time, place, and manner, distract drivers and impede pedestrian traffic in the public rights-of-way and pose a significant threat to public health, safety, and welfare.  This may generate some public comment.
  • Ordinance 3, 2015 – creating specific signage requirements for gas stations in Palm Beach Gardens.  The City chose to develop it’s own requirements after PB County passed an ordinance last year; the latter was met by objections by local gas station owners.  Those same owners approve of the proposal described in Ordinance 3.
  • Resolution 2, 2015 would permit Nativity Lutheran Church (located at nw corner of Holly Drive and Plant Drive) a 2-year extenion for existing modular structures.
  • Resolution 7, 2015 is a request for site plan and major conditional use approval for the replacement of PBG Fire Rescue Station No 2 (RCA/Campus Drive) – which was discussed by the Council last year.
  • Resolutions 8 and 9, 2015 – regard amending the Central Gardens Master Plan and approving a site plan for a 140-bed Assisted Living Facility withing Parcel B.  Central Gardens is located at the intersection of Hood Road and Central Boulevard.

The agenda (with links to full detail) can be found here.  Check the agenda to see if any additional items have been added before the meeting.

See a summary of the January meeting on the PBG Watch website.

We get the government we deserve – and it’s up to us to watch what they do.  Hope you can make it.  If you can’t make the meeting try and watch live-streaming or on-demand.

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