No Drive-through for Banyan Tree PUD… for now

Although last on the agenda, Resolution 13, 2015 garnered the most public comment – with many residents from Lake Catherine in attendance and 11 folks voicing their concerns with the developer’s plans for Banyan Tree PUD Phase II (aka Northlake Gardens) at the northwest corner of MacArthur Boulevard and Northlake.  Among the issues were traffic, noise, lighting, and safety for the children going to/fro the nearby schools. Along with the public comment, a petition signed by 182 of the home owners was submitted. Council member Levy spoke first and voiced his concern with the proposed drive-through for a small 1000 square foot business. The rest of the council joined in saying there was much to like about the proposed site plan but they too were uncomfortable with the drive-through. Both the developer and the owner asked that the drive-through be approved in order to enhance the ability to attract businesses for the rear building which would be all but invisible from view. They suggested that the council would have final approval of the lessee at a future date. The council disagreed and voted unanimously to approve the plan without the drive-through.  They would be open to future modifications (eg the drive through) after they know what the proposed business would be. Vote 5:0

March 5, 2015

Despite a request to bring Project Diamond (Resolution 14, 2015) to the Regular Agenda, it remained in Consent and economic incentives were passed without discussion.  See Where’ s the Sunshine?

Tom Cairnes, of the PGA Corridor, spoke on Ordinance 1, 2015 – disagreeing with the proposed regulations as not going far enough.  The Corridor believes that no human signage should be permitted in Palm Beach Gardens. The council replied by saying that currently there are no regulations in place, so that this is an improvement. Vote 5:0

The other two Ordinances – Ordinance 3, 2015 (gas station signage) and Ordinance 5, 2015 1st reading (10-year water supply facilities work plan) passed 5:0 as well.

Police Chief Stepp made his 2014 Police Department Summary Report – with outstanding statistics. Crime has been down for 3 years in a row and is at the lowest rate since 1987. Since many of the crimes are DUIs and shop-lifting, the likelihood of being a victim of crime in our city is very low. Frog-et Me Not continues to be an award-winning program. Read the excellent report here .

All on the council expressed their regret and condolences on the recent passing of North Palm Beach Gardens City Councilman and veteran, William Manuel.  A moment of silence was held.

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