Next City Council Meeting on November 2nd at 7pm

The next City Council Meeting will be on Thursday November 2nd at 7pm in City Hall.  There will also be a Council Workshop on Transit Oriented Development immediately preceding at 6pm.  More details below.
  • Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center CEO Dianne Goldenberg
  • Weiss School
  • FPL SolarNow Presentation (re: Resolution 75, 2017 under consent agenda)
Consent Agenda includes:
  • Resolution 75, 2017 – The City wishes to enter into a master license agreement with Florida Power and Light Company (FPL) for the use of certain City premises for the installation of renewable energy-generating equipment, and the distribution of any electricity generated by that equipment exclusively within the City’s premises. 
  • Purchase award – Real Estate Brokerage Services (Public Works Property)– piggyback/access contract:  “BACKGROUND: The purpose of this Agreement is to hire a realtor for the competitive sale of the City-owned facilities and property located at 3704 Burns Road….The premises was appraised earlier this year for just over $2,200,000. The City hopes to realize more than the appraisal price from the sale. Funds realized from the sale are earmarked for funding the construction of the new Tennis Center Clubhouse.”  Contract listed as for > $65,000
  • Purchase award – Purchase of Bunker Gear for Fire Rescue – piggyback/access contract for $89K
  • Purchase award –  Purchase of Boom Truck for Public Services Department – replacing 14 year old current truck which will be sold at public auction.  Piggyback/access contract for $154K.

City Manager Report  – no details listed

Public Hearings and Resolutions:
  • Ordinance 20, 2017 – First Reading – A City-initiated request to amend Chapter 62 of the City’s Code of Ordinances to provide for the collocation of small wireless facilities or micro wireless facilities on existing utility poles or the installation of new utility poles to support the collocation of small wireless facilities or micro wireless facilities in City-owned rights-of-way and amending the definitions to be consistent with Florida Statutes.  In the last few meetings, under Ordinance  23, 2017, there was a temporary moratorium on implementation of new statutes until staff could recommend changes.  Discussion on this statute has revolved around the state legislature’s  impact on Home Rule.
  • Ordinance 21, 2017 – First Reading – A request initiated by Gardens Venture LLC to amend various sections of the City’s Land Development Regulations. The Applicant, Gardens Venture LLC, is seeking to open an electric automobile showroom for Tesla at the Gardens Mall.  The proposed amendment will provide for a new use of Electric Automobile Showroom within the General Commercial (CG1) and Intensive Commercial (CG2) zoning districts; will provide definitions for Electric Automobile Showroom, Electric Automobile, and Hybrid Vehicle; will provide additional development standards for an Electric Automobile Showroom; and will prohibit the proposed use in the PGA Boulevard Corridor Overlay.   

Check the agenda to see if any additional items have been added before the meeting here.

There will be an earlier City Council Workshop at 6pm immediately preceding the City Council Meeting.  The Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council will present “Transit Oriented Development – Mobility in the Gardens (a work in progress)” – there is no detail provided but one could assume there will be results from the business and public workshops held on October 19th.  

We hope that the Council will continue to discuss proposed Charter changes during the November meeting, although it is not on the Agenda.  See recent PBG Watch articles related to Term Limits:


One Response to “Next City Council Meeting on November 2nd at 7pm”
  1. Mike Cirullo, Sr says:

    Real estate Brokerage services(public works property).
    Why is the City even considering selling this property?

    This property was the original Palm Beach Gardens City hall. It was on this property that the John D. McArthur and executives from Bankers Life and Casualty . They handed the city keys to the 1st Mayor and city council. This property should be a designated landmark instead of being sold.

    If the Mayor and City council insist on selling this property, WHY ARE WE EVEN CONSIDERING HIRING A REAL ESTATE BROKER???

    The Mayor is a Real Estate Broker, The city attorney can issue title insurance and review the contract,
    The City Manager according to the AMENDED CHARTER has sign off powers .He can also accept offers on behalf of the city to be forwarded for the Mayor to review and present to council. Don’t forget, a brokerage fee will also be paid to the selling Real Estate agent. MORE MONEY SPENT NEEDLESSLY.

    The $65,000 SAVED that would be paid for Real Estate Broker contract fees can be used to finance the new Tennis Facilities building.

    Let’s be proud of our heritage, not dispose of it.

    Mike Cirullo Sr.
    Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

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