Next PBG City Council Meeting on Thursday Dec 7th at 6PM!

The next City Council Meeting will be on Thursday December 7th at 6pm.  Note the changed start time due to a very lengthy agenda.  Note also that first reading of the Ordinances related to Charter and Term Limits changes (Ordinance 26-29, 2017) are last on the agenda preceded by several presentations and other ordinances and resolutions.
  • Honda Classic Community Impact Presentation
  • St. Marks Church, Inc. – conduit debt obligation – bond acquisition (this corresponds to Resolution 83, 2017 which is on the Regular Agenda)
  • Lease Agreement for District Park – (corresponds to Resolution 54, 2017 on Consent Agenda)
  • Design Build of Public Services Operations Center – (corresponds to Resolution 79, 2017 on Consent Agenda)
Consent Agenda is lengthy but includes the following Purchase Awards:
  • Miscellaneous Public Works Projects – This Agreement is the City’s exercise of a three-year option to renew of the original Contract – 3 year total contract value $10M
  • Portable Truck Lifts for Fleet Division  – replacement of existing trucks – one time expenditure – $77K
  • Bleacher Covers for North side of Gardens Park – piggyback/access contract – $103K
  • Trackman Simulation Equipment for Golf Training Center – bid waiver –  will allow the City’s Sandhill Crane Golf Club to purchase a golf training simulation and swing analysis equipment and accessories for the Golf Training Center – $100K

City Manager Report  – no details listed

Public Hearings and Resolutions:
  • 2nd reading and Adoption of Ordinances 20, 2017 (micro wireless facilities) and Ordinance 21 (Tesla Showroom)
  • Resolution 77, 2017 – Art In Public Places for Clarity Pointe Assisted Living Facilities in Alton
  • Resolution 83, 2017 – Conduit Debt Obligation – Bond Acquisition – $10.5 Million – covered in Presentations
  • Ordinance 30, 2017 and Ordinance 31, 2017 – First reading – Small scale comprehensive map amendment and rezoning from Public to Industrial for city property located on SW corners of Burns and Ironwood – in preparation for the sale of the property when the new Public Works Building is completed.
  • Ordinance 24, 2017 – first reading – placing the annexation of BAY HILL ESTATES, THE PRESERVE AT BAY HILL ESTATES, AND RUSTIC LAKES on the March 13, 2018 ballot for residents of those communities.
  • Ordinance 26, 2017 (and related ballot wording ordinances 27-29, 2017) – First reading of  Proposed Charter changes to be placed on ballot on March 13, 2018. Ordinance 26, 2017 – Update the 1976 City Charter to be in compliance with State Law. Ordinance 27, 2017- Extend Term Limits to three – three year terms, Ordinance 28, 2017 – Councilmembers leaving office due to term limits may not be elected again for a period of three years, Ordinance 29, 2017 – elect Councilmembers by Plurality rather than by Majority.

Check the agenda to see if any additional items have been added before the meeting here.




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