Former Mayor Martino on Term Limits: Registered Voters are the Real Winners!

Finally! This November 4th registered voters of Palm Beach Gardens will get to cast their ballot for or against term limits for their City Council. This ballot initiative has been on the horizon for a number of years with a number of fits and starts.

However, once Mr. James D’Loughy pledged his leadership to the Palm Beach Gardens Needs Term Limits political committee things began to move in earnest. Recently, Mr. Michael Peragine took command of the committee’s effort to gather the necessary certified registered voter signatures and the finish line was crossed.

But the committee, Messrs. D’Loughy and Peragine, had hurdles to overcome. They needed to convince a reluctant City Council to request the Supervisor of Elections to place the initiative on the ballot. Then they had to convince that same Supervisor of Elections to put the language on the November ballot. In both cases their tenacity for their cause was rewarded with success.

So, a hearty congratulation is in order for Messrs. D’Loughy and Peragine, and their committee for pursuing the democratic opportunities that our government presents. But perhaps, also, a big THANK YOU should be offered by the registered voters of Palm beach Gardens who are the real winners because they get to decide.

Michael Martino


2 Responses to “Former Mayor Martino on Term Limits: Registered Voters are the Real Winners!”
  1. Suzette Navratik says:

    Where can we see a sample of the question? Sometimes these things can be confusing and people aren’t sure if they are for for or against a particular issue.

    Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

    Respectfully yours,

    Suzette Navratik

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