Next City Council Mtg on Thursday, December 4th

The next City Council Meeting will be this Thursday, December 4th at 7pm at City Hall.

Thursday’s meeting looks like it will be relatively short because many of the significant resolutions appear on the Consent Agenda rather than the Regular Agenda.

Presentations include the annual investment update by Steven Alexander with PFN Asset Management, LLC.

The Consent Agenda includes:

  • Approving the Discovery Village Assisted Living Facility (ALF) Plat within the Gables Planned Community Development (PCD).  On February 6, 2014, the City Council approved a site plan for the Discovery Village Assisted Living Facility, consisting of a total of 120 units/138 beds comprising 129,831 square feet.
  • Adoption of the Palm Beach County Local Mitigation Strategy.  The purpose of the Palm Beach County LMS Plan is to develop and execute an ongoing unified strategy for reducing the community’s vulnerability to identified natural, technological, and societal hazards, as well as place Palm Beach County in a position to compete effectively and productively for pre- and post-disaster funding. Palm Beach Gardens has participated in the Palm Beach County LMS Plan since 1998 and is required to adopt the updated LMS Plan to be eligible for pre- and post-disaster funding in the upcoming year.
  • Approving the Azure Plat: In 2005, the subject site was approved to allow the development of 113 multifamily dwelling units and 9,900 square feet of ancillary office/retail space for use by the marina – the property is at the intersection of Donald Ross Road and Prosperity Farms Rd at Loggerhead Marina (previously named Frenchman’s Marina).
  • Approving the Alton PCD Plat – which is part of the Briger tract between Donald Ross and Hood Rd.
  • Purchase awards for the Artistic Bus Shelters, Tennis Center Parking Expansion and for the Neighborhood Improvement Asessment Program (NIAP) at 40th Terrace/Sunset Drive.  The latter will provide paved roads and piped water for residents of the community to bring the neighborhood up to the infrastructure standards of the City.

The Regular Agenda consists of only one item:

  • Ordinance 14, 2014 which is an amendment to the Fiscal Year 2013/14 Budget. “As a part of the annual fiscal year closeout process, it is necessary to review the financial statements to determine if any post-closing budget amendments are required to properly reflect certain accounting transactions, and to ensure compliance with legal levels of budgetary control.”  Only 2 items are in this amendment – one with no impact on the City’s fund balance position and the other adding $1809 to Golf reserves.

The agenda (with links to full detail) can be found here.

See a summary of the November meeting, and the latest Martino Minute on the PBG Watch website.

We get the government we deserve – and it’s up to us to watch what they do.  Hope you can make it.  If you can’t make the meeting try and watch live-streaming or on-demand.

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