Martino: Term Limits Vitriol

On display at the November 2nd Palm Beach Gardens City Council meeting was exactly why Term Limits for elected City Council members was supported by 16,000 registered voters when they were finally allowed to vote on the issue. A member of the City Council that long opposed Term Limits and did everything in their power to prevent Term Limits from appearing on a ballot showed his true colors.

In what has been described as an 8-minute “rant” excoriating the current Term Limit Law, this term-limited ex-Council member refused to abide by the 3-minute public comment rule that is enforced for any and all who cares to speak under the “Comments by the Public” agenda section. When the Mayor did not stop the ex-Council member at the end of his 3-minute rant the Public objected. The ex-Council member turned from the public lectern to face the Public with his hands on his hips. With an angry, contemptuous red-face he proceeded to shout, screech and scream, “I have earned this privilege, if you don’t like it you can leave”. Many of the audience left.

Privilege is defined as “a special advantage or immunity or benefit not enjoyed by all”. The ex-Council member does not understand that by simply winning an election one has not “earned a privilege” for oneself but rather one is bestowed a special privilege with which to serve the Public. The very same Public the “ranter” despicably asked to leave the City Hall chambers that belongs to the Public and is not a prerogative, perk, or gratuity that belongs to any ex-Council member.

This ex-Council member’s rant in opposition to the current Term Limit Law is not new. He has been consistent in his arrogance, ugliness, and hostility to the Public’s desire for term limits. The irony that the ex-Council member refuses to recognize is that history’s mirror reflects that he is one of, if not the singular one, who is the culpable cause for their overwhelming success.

Madame Mayor and City Council members, you should be careful not to be the horses pulling this wagon of vitriol.

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