Next City Council Mtg on Thursday March 2nd

The next City Council Meeting will be this Thursday, March 2nd, at 7pm in City Hall.  This meeting will be the last full meeting for 3 of our Council – Mayor Tinsley, Vice Mayor Jablin and Council Member Premuroso. The elections are on March 14 and the new members will be seated at the April meeting. Reminder – Tuesday, February 28th is our Council Candidate Forum . See our detailed candidate profiles and our Voters’ Guide with links to additional information.

Announcements/Presentations: none listed

Consent Agenda includes:

  • Resolution 10, 2017 – Lease for the Engine 6 and Engine 7 Replacements from Ten-8 Equipment, Inc. and financed through Leasing 2, Inc. The lease term is for seven years, with a one-year delay in start of payments and the total cost is $1,323,476.
  • Resolution 29, 2017 – A Resolution in opposition of HB 7005 (2017), titled Economic Programs. HB 7005 repeals specified economic programs, such as Enterprise Florida, Inc. (EFI}, Florida Tourism Industry Marketing Corporation (Visit Florida), and the Quick Action Closing Fund. Additionally, it transfers all duties, functions, records, pending issues, existing contracts, administrative authority, administrative rules, and unexpended balances of appropriations, allocations and other public funds related to the programs in EFI and Visit Florida to the Department of Economic Opportunity.
  • Purchase Award – for Community Services Department for Tires and Related Services – a piggyback/access contract for 2 years for $300K
  • Purchase Award – for Fire/Rescue for Public Safety Uniforms, openly bid for 5 years, with option to renew for 5 years, in the amount of $379K.
  • Purchase Award – for Golf Department for Lighting for the Golf Course Driving Range – a piggyback/access contract for $192K

City Manager Report – no details listed

Public Hearings and Resolutions:

  • Second Reading and Adoption of the following Ordinances (and accompanying Resolutions as applicable):
    • Ordinance 8, 2016 which had first reading Nov. 16, 2016 – EAR BASED AMENDMENT – changes to the Comprehensive Plan elements
    • Ordinance 1 and 2, 2017 – Trevis Isles
    • Ordinance 7, 2017 – Land Developement Regulations amendment
    • Ordinance 8, 2017 – Property Maintenance Standards (Chapter 79) amendments
    • Ordinance 9, 2017 – Gardens Corporate Center PUD ‘replacement’
    • Ordinance 10, 2017 – Budget Amendment for FY2017 – An amendment to the Fiscal Year 2016/17 budget to record the issuance of the City of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida Public Improvement Bond, Series 2017, and projected One-Cent Infrastructure Sales Surtax revenue from January 1, 2017, through September 30, 2017.
  • New Business
    • Resolution 21, 2017 – A request from the Ballenlsles Community Association to amend the side setback standard for screen enclosures and patio decks for residential properties in Parcel One, the Coral Cay neighborhood, of the Ballenlsles Planned Community Development (PCD).
    • Ordinance 12, 2017 – First Reading for Business Center at the Gardens – Rezoning, Planned Unit Development (PUD) Site Plan, and Major Conditional Use Public Hearing and Consideration for Approval: A request from Riverside Drive Investors, LLC to rezone a 3.44-acre parcel of land from Light Industrial (M1A) to a Planned Unit Development (PUD) Overlay with an underlying zoning designation of M1A, along with Site Plan approval for an 18,650-square-foot laboratory/research and development building, and Major Conditional Use approval for a three story, 99,183-square-foot self-storage building.
    • Resolution 24, 2017 – A request from Frenchman’s Reserve Country Club, Inc. to amend the Planned Community Development (PCD) Master Plan to modify the existing configuration of the golf course to construct a new short-game course and reconfigure certain areas of the upland preserve within the Frenchman’s Reserve PCD. Frenchman’s Reserve PCD is located on the east side of Alternate A1A at the intersection of Hood Road and Alternate A1A.
    • Resolution 23, 2017 – A request from Frenchman’s Reserve Country Club, Inc. for approval to amend the Site Plan for the existing Frenchman’s Reserve Clubhouse site to allow a 3, 128-square-foot expansion to the existing fitness center and spa; the construction of a new 1,590-squarefoot one-story tennis center building; a new 6,750-square-foot one-story restaurant building; a new 1,975-square-foot golf teaching facility; updates to the clubhouse architecture; an additional porte-cochere; a new splash pad; and associated modifications to the parking lot.
    • Resolution 30, 2017 – A request from Gardens Corporate Center, LLC for approval of two pyramid-shaped building rooftop architectural elements located at the top of two proposed 11-story professional office buildings in the Gardens Corporate Center Planned Unit Development (PUD) Phase 2 to serve as Art in Public Places. The applicant is requesting that the rooftop elements be considered AIPP. Staff does not agree, says that those elements are integral to the architecture of the 2 buildings (approved in Ordinance 9 and related Resolution above) and recommends DENIAL of Resolution 30, 2017 as presented.

Check the agenda to see if any additional items have been added before the meeting here.

Martino: Educate Yourself, Pick Your Favorite and Vote on March 14!

On Thursday, February 16th, I attended the North County Neighborhood Coalition Candidate Forum involving the nine City Council candidates for the three open seats, Groups 1, 3, and 5, in Palm Beach Gardens. My attendance was for the purpose of learning more about the individuals who will shape the future of the Gardens. There will be another Candidate Forum on February 28th at the Palm Beach Gardens Library. The election will be held on Tuesday, March 14th.

The forum was well attended. The moderator, Beth Kigel, President and CEO of the Northern Palm Beaches Chamber of Commerce, asked the appropriate and pertinent questions that one would expect of Gardens’ Council candidates and kept the forum on schedule. As time permitted there were several questions for the candidates from the forum audience. The one question that was not asked, however, was, “How would you as Council member embrace, maintain, and improve the older, original Plats of the City?” In my opinion, all of the candidates acquitted themselves with decorum and handled the questions asked of them to the best of their abilities.

One could postulate from the literature handouts and from the candidates themselves that their backgrounds, life experiences, and ages vary rather widely. If you prefer a lawyer, a volunteer/homemaker with a Business Administration degree, several very successful business entrepreneurs, a Doctor of Optometry, a Pharmacist, a neighborhood activist and protector with a degree in Criminology, and a non-profit Executive Director who is a native of Palm Beach Gardens, make your choice, and vote accordingly.

The forum really was an interesting, enlightening, and for me an enjoyable two hours. However, some of the answers and comments from the candidates I would take issue with. From my perspective, Candidates should know more about the Gardens’ historical background and not solely refer to the “last 25 years”, which quite frankly, depending on who you ask, haven’t been that great. Candidates should not just know there are term limits but should know why there are term limits. They should know Council members are advisors to City committees and not members. Candidates should know the in and outs of City Charter. They should understand that the City Manager’s job is to administer the policy directives of the City Council.

This March 14th City Council election is the most important and significant Palm Beach Gardens election in decades. It behooves all Palm Beach Gardens registered voters to educate themselves about the candidates, select your favorite, and most importantly, VOTE.

“Artistry”, Art, Live Theater and $30 Million Bond Awarded to PNC Bank

This month’s agenda was long and so was the City Council Meeting – however all was completed within about 3 hours and all items were passed 5:0 except for the Second Reading of Ordinance 3, 2017 which passed 3:2, as it did on First Reading.  Mayor Tinsley and Council Member Premuroso both voted against, citing that their concerns and comments were unchanged from last month.  A brief summary follows of key discussion items.

February 9, 2017


City Attorney Lohman gave an overview of a draft ordinance on how to deal with reasonable accomodation for disabilities. While applicable to Sober Homes, the ordinance would apply to all and would entail a set of procedures, annual recertification and associated regulatory costs. The State Legislature is also proposing bills as part of their Sober Homes Task Force. See Sarah Peters’ article: How a new rule could help gardens keep tabs on sober homes. 

Items of Resident Interest:   Council Member Marino (and the rest of the Council) was pleased that in his annual presentation to the PGA Corridor Association, Dr. Hank Fishkind praised and supported the Council’s decision to go for a $30 million bond at this time, citing low interest rates.

City Manager Report:   City Manager Ferris summarized two golf-related events and then gave examples of Code Compliance success stories, and in the case of those unable to afford to bring their properties up to compliance, the coordination of volunteers to help achieve it.

Ordinances and Resolutions:

  • Resolution 14, 2017 awarded the issuance of the $30 million bond to PNC Bank National Association. Their proposal was the most competitive of those submitted. Finance Administrator Allan Owens also reiterated Dr. Fishkind’s endorsement of bonding the sales tax revenue. The 3 year spending requirement was summarized once again.  Municipal Bonds are tax exempt and any funds remaining at the end of the 3 years can’t be invested at higher yields than gotten from the bonds.  Resident Kathryn Gettinger asked about the specificity of the list of projects and what happens if the County land can’t be purchased. Mayor Tinsley confirmed that the list of projects identified last month were the projects to which the money would be allocated and that progress was being made on the County’s land. Mr. Owens, in replying to a similar question also said the list was solidified but the specific costs for each project could and would be adjusted as actual costs came in.  salestaxprojects
  • Ordinance 10, 2017 placed the proceeds of the bond into a single capital improvement fund to be applied to the projects codified last month, with the addition of the Tennis Center.
  • The most major modification in Ordinance 7, 2017 fixing the ‘glitch’ list on the Land Use Regulations, last updated in 2013, was a new section on Valet Parking. There was discussion among the council members on how quickly to implement and enforce the new regulations. Most felt that the proposed date of October, 2017 would allow the affected centers and businesses to be informed, apply and conform to the changes.
  • First reading of Ordinance 9, 2017 repealed the original plans for the project from 2001 for the Intersection of PGA and Alternate A1A and introduced the new plans for 2 Eleven Story professional office buildings with a 3 story parking garage in between. The Council praised the artistic nature of the buildings and the picture here shows the view of the buildings from the PGA Flyover.  gdnscorpctr
  • Speaking of art – Resolution 17, 2017 now permits the PGA Multiplex Cinema to have live entertainment. While no new dining options are planned, other than the usual movie theater concession choices, the owner does plan to come forward in the future to seek wine and beer licensing. Two of the six theaters will be used for live entertainment performances (such as musicals, comedians and small plays) with matinee and evening shows.
  • Art (in Public Places) was also discussed in Resolution 19, 2017 which approved the latest Artistic Sculpture by Mark aippethaneFuller to be placed on Donald Ross parkway buffer adjacent to Alton PCD. The only modification made to the Ordinance was to have the sculpture lit from dusk to dawn. The stainless steel sculpture is of an Ethane Molecule.
  • Resolution 18, 2017 approved “Artistry”, which is the new 469 Single Family home community as part of the Alton PCD. Homes will range from $750K-$1.5 Million on the Parcel G site west of I-95.

Next City Council Mtg on Thursday, Feb. 9th at 7pm

The next City Council Meeting will be this Thursday, February 9th, at 7pm in City Hall. Thursday’s agenda is once again very long. Is it because staff and every developer in the Gardens is rushing to get their 2017 business accomplished by March, while they still know who will be on the Council? Nevertheless it will be difficult to complete in the usual time. Residents and businesses may want to read Ordinances 7 and 8 described below.

Announcements/Presentations includes a presentation by City Attorney Lohman called ‘reasonable accomodation request’. No additional detail is provided.

Consent Agenda includes:

  • A Purchase award for Emergency Debris and Disaster Recovery Services, openly competed and of unknown value for 5 years. “The City’s current contract for Emergency Debris and Disaster Recovery Services expired December 31, 2016. A replacement contract is needed to allow the City the ability to provide debris management and recovery services during emergency events. These services are provided under strict guidelines mandated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) that allows for reimbursement for proper and appropriate charges. This is a contingent contract with an unknown dollar value that will only be activated in the event of an emergency such as a storm, hurricane, wildfire, etc.”
  • A Piggyback/Access contract with Macmillan Oil for Gasoline/Diesel for 3 years in the amount of $2 million.
  • Two Braun ambulances that were leased under Resolution 101, 2012 are due for replacement in January 2018. The manufacturer needs one year in advance to manufacture and deliver the ambulances, so the procurement action must take place a year in advance. The total cost for the two vehicles is $647K.
  • Those following high-speed rail may be interested to read a resolution in support of “Florida High-Speed Passenger Rail Safety Act”. ” The public purpose and intent of the “Florida High-Speed Passenger Rail Safety Act”, SB 386 (2017) filed by Senator Debbie Mayfield (R-Melbourne) and HB 269 (2017) filed by Representative Marylynn Magar (R-Hobe Sound), is to give the State of Florida and local governments some regulatory control over high-speed passenger rail systems insofar as such authority is not preempted by federal laws or regulations.

City Manager Report – no details listed

Public Hearings and Resolutions:

  • Second Reading and Adoption of: Balsama Large Scale Comprehensive Plan Amendment; Balsamo Rezoning; Ordinance 3, 2017 – Budget Amendment with over $3 million in new spending taken from Budget Stabilization Reserve Account; Redefinition and recreation of the Budget Oversight Review Board (to include the Sales Tax Surtax).
  • Resolution 14, 2017 Authorizing the issuance of the City of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida Public Improvement Bond, Series 2017, in an amount not-to-exceed $30,000,000 to finance construction of certain infrastructure projects, (which were discussed and approved in Resolution 12, 2017 in the January meeting, spending 85% of the $30 million bond covering the $35 million expected 10-year revenue from the Infrastructure Sales Surtax in 3 years.) “Signing of the Bond documents is scheduled for February 27, 2017, with funding to occur on February 28, 2017.”
  • Ordinance 10, 2017, First Reading of a Budget Amendment directly related to Resolution 14, 2017. “This amendment records the $30,000,000 par amount of the Bond as Other Financing Sources and the estimated Costs of Issuance in the amount of $65,000, as reflected on Exhibit “1” attached to the Ordinance. This budget amendment further establishes the initial Capital Improvement Budget for the infrastructure projects to be funded with the Tax in the amount of $29,935,000, which is the net amount deposited into the Fund after deducting the Costs of Issuance”….the City of Palm Beach Gardens’ share of the sales tax surtax “would be $3,123,250 annually, or approximately $260,000 monthly. Accordingly, this budget amendment records $2,340,000 of Tax Revenue for the period from January 1, 2017, through September 30, 2017 (9 months X $260,000 = $2,340,000), as reflected on the attached Exhibit “1 “. These funds will be held in Designated Reserves to be used for debt service payments on the Bond that will begin in FY 2018.
  • Ordinance 7, 2017 A City-initiated request to amend various sections of the City’s Land Development Regulations, Chapter 78. Note – while much of this ordinance is described as cleanup in nature – there are new sections (such as for valet parking, parking and storage of portable units) and changes to existing (such as for garage sales, what defines artwork, landscaping, signage, parking (spaces, striping, bumpers), as well as changes to definitions. These modifications were approved by the Planning, Zoning and Appeals Board on January 10, 2017. However businesses, HOAs and residents should probably skim to see if impacted.
  • Ordinance 8, 2017 – An amendment to Chapter 79. Property Maintenance Standards. The amendment has modifications to almost every paragraph of the existing chapter. Since this impacts every property in Palm Beach Gardens – everyone who has property should read it.
  • Ordinance 9, 2017 – the applicant is requesting a total repeal of previously approved plans for Gardens Corporate Center PUD (the NE Corner of PGA Blvd and Alt A1A) for 2 six-story buildings and a six-story parking garage and replacing the plans with 2 eleven-story buildings and a three-story parking garage between them.
  • Resolution 15, 2017 – A request for approval from Ballenlsles Country Club, Inc. for a Site Plan Amendment allowing modifications to the Clubhouse Site Plan to provide for a 23,287 -square-foot expansion of the existing clubhouse, and an additional one- (1) story, 2,997-square-foot administration building located on the Clubhouse site (Parcel 28) of the Ballenlsles Planned Community Development (PCD)
  • Resolution 16, 2017 – The subject request is to modify the approved Corporate Center at the Gardens Planned Unit Development (PUD) Master Signage Program and request a waiver for an additional tenant wall sign to be located on the north elevation of Building A. The site is located on the northwest corner of Northcorp Parkway and RCA Boulevard, immediately east of Interstate 95.
  • Resolution 17, 2017 – A request from Arctic Holdings, LLC requesting an expansion of an existing Major Conditional Use to allow live entertainment in the existing multiplex cinema building in the Loehmann’s Plaza, located on the southwest corner of PGA Boulevard and RCA Boulevard, east of Interstate 95. Here is Sarah Peters’ story on this from last month.
  • Resolution 18, 2017 – The subject petition is a request for a Site Plan approval to construct a 469 single-family unit residential neighborhood on the 206-acre Parcel G neighborhood district within the Alton PCD. The neighborhood will be a gated residential subdivision with a clubhouse and amenities and 61 acres of upland preserve areas with accessible trails.
  • Resolution 19, 2017 – Alton PCD is requesting approval of a “Gateway” art piece to be located along Donald Ross Road within 55-foot PCD Buffer easement on Parcel B of the Alton PCD. The piece will be located on the south side of the meandering sidewalk along Donald Ross Road, just east of the pedestrian bench. The proposed art piece is a “ball and stick” sculpture representation of the Ethane molecule.

Check the agenda to see if any additional items have been added before the meeting here.